Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders

SLNH: Episode I
The Jedi Order Consular Ship

Having docked with the Consular ship, the PCs walk through the airlock, and are met by security droids which they subdue. Doing some slicing of one of the droid’s communications assembly, they make their status “friendly” on the ship. Searching deeper within the vessel, Lyric comments that she has some sort of memory of this ship. It looks familiar to her. Shortly, the group of Weequay pirates that attacked Riene’s CR90 Corvette earlier show up, only to have their ship pulled into the black hole. Fortunately for them, they were able to dock two escape pods with the Consular ship. The PCs slice the computer to lock the airlocks closed for a while and setup communication with four existing security droids, which guarded the airlock. Taking the turbolift up to the cargo hold, the PCs find numerous ancient Jedi artifacts. One of the PCs found a darksaber, and an overlarge Holocron. The PCs give the Holocron to Lyric, who, upon contact, regains her memories of old. Now clothed in a dark blue robe and lightsaber with a curved hilt, she informs the PCs that she is Lyricandra Vigil, a Jedi Master of the Je’daii of old. She still has her young clone self’s memories, but they are mishmashed with her own, much older memories. She informs the PCs that her goal is to rebuild the Jedi Order, and start searching for force-sensitive potentials.

Shortly, one of the droids radioes the PCs, telling them that the Weequay pirates have broken through. Engaging in combat with the pirates, the PCs keep them held down within the first chamber of the ship. Lyricandra displays some of her force powers by floating a few fuel barrels into the room, crushing a couple of the pirates with them, and then later throwing the pirate captain against the ceiling, floor, ceiling, and then floor again, burning him in the flames. The firefight continues, until two of the pirates are subdued but left alive, stuck inside a grav grenade, and a third has run away down one of the corridors. The PCs make pursuit…

SLNH: Episode 0

The PCs, having recently escaped Cloud City after stealing the Jewel of Yavin – twice – are now fairly wealthy, and find themselves itching for their next adventure.

While traveling through hyperspace, they are unexpectedly pulled out of light speed by some sort of artificial gravity well. The deep dark of space is all around them save for a very battered CR90 Corvette and a large frigate that immediately jumps to light speed as they arrive on the scene. Deciding to check on the contents of the corvette, the PCs board, and find only two survivors. The ship that just left was apparently a pirate vessel that ransacked the ship, killing the majority of the occupants while looking for an unknown object. One of the survivors is a young Togruta, who eventually admits to being an exotic dancer. One of the PCs observes a strange tattoo on her back, and after some cajoling gets a better look at it. It is a starmap that one of the PCs recognize. Traveling to this location, the PCs discover an ancient old Jedi Order Counselor ship just on the edge of a black hole. After some very careful piloting, the PCs are successful in docking with the ship.


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