Reine Subine

Human Ambassador


The planet Araxmel is a rich and prosperous planet shattered with iron rich mountains as far as the eye can see. It is governed by a league of five barons, all five of them leading a country. Born on the planet Araxmel as the oldest daughter of a rich and influential baron, Reine enjoyed the early chapters of her life. Groomed to become the baroness and with that the protector of the lands of her father, she enjoyed a good general education and intense negotiation training from the best teachers in the country all in her father’s effort to keep his planet both safe and prosperous. This all changed when the Empire came into play.

Known for its great refineries and strong-going mines the Five Barons struck a deal with the Republic long before the Clone Wars started. The planet enjoyed a golden age and the barons and their families were living the live. When the Jedi were betrayed by Palpatine and the Clones things changed for the worse really fast. The Empire invaded Araxmel and forced the citizens of the world to work for a significantly lower price and pressured by stormtroopers.

The pressure started to add on the leaders of Araxmel and people became more and more discontent towards their leaders, but the Empire didn’t appreciate the criticism and reacted more often than not with blaster fire. Reine realized that she needed to oppose the Empire to make her planet prosper again as in the old ages, though Araxmel was not known for its military prowess so help was needed from beyond.

Rumors started to spread about a galaxy wide rebellion. With her father’s content she started to investigate these rumors. She managed to get off her planet in search for the roots of these rumors.

Reine Subine

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