Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders

SLNH: Episode 0

The PCs, having recently escaped Cloud City after stealing the Jewel of Yavin – twice – are now fairly wealthy, and find themselves itching for their next adventure.

While traveling through hyperspace, they are unexpectedly pulled out of light speed by some sort of artificial gravity well. The deep dark of space is all around them save for a very battered CR90 Corvette and a large frigate that immediately jumps to light speed as they arrive on the scene. Deciding to check on the contents of the corvette, the PCs board, and find only two survivors. The ship that just left was apparently a pirate vessel that ransacked the ship, killing the majority of the occupants while looking for an unknown object. One of the survivors is a young Togruta, who eventually admits to being an exotic dancer. One of the PCs observes a strange tattoo on her back, and after some cajoling gets a better look at it. It is a starmap that one of the PCs recognize. Traveling to this location, the PCs discover an ancient old Jedi Order Counselor ship just on the edge of a black hole. After some very careful piloting, the PCs are successful in docking with the ship.


GMStarkiller GMStarkiller

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